Everything you need to know about Kafka Streams

Would you like to learn stream processing within the Kafka platform?. In this easy-to-follow workshop, you’ll explore real-world examples to collect, transform, and aggregate data, work with multiple processors and handle real-time events. You’ll even dive into streaming SQL with KSQL!.

Antón Rodríguez


Data Engineer at Inditex Group

Anton is a Software Engineer focused on Data Pipelines (Spark) and Event Streaming (Kafka Streams, Flink). Nowadays he works for Inditex Group (Zara, Massimo Dutti, etc.) as Data Engineer. In the past, he worked as a specialist in Deployment Pipelines, API Management and Advanced Orchestration in distributed systems. He enjoys building Data Pipelines with Java/Scala and deploying them to the Cloud or Kubernetes.
He co-organizes the Vigo and Coruña Java User Groups (VigoJUG & CoruñaJUG). He also likes to speak at technical conferences and contribute to open source projects.

What the attendees will learn

The workshop is designed as an easy way to use Kafka Streams with minimal setup and dependencies. We'll start implementing a fictional business scenario and then adding new requirements step by step, from easy usage of Kafka Streams to more elaborated functionality.

All the exercises will be explained during the workshop. If you are blocked, you can open the following exercise to see the solution to the previous one. We encourage you to try to do the exercises by yourself. It's the best way to really learn Kafka Streams.

Technical requirements

To get started you need to have installed the following:

Project is built using Gradle build tool but it’s using Gradle Wrapper so you are not required to install it manually nor you don’t have to be afraid of version clash.

You can use IDE of your choice but IntelliJ IDEA provides so far the best Gradle integration even in the free Community version. Import the project as Gradle project get the best developer experience.

Because of RocksDB requirements, you may need to install the C++ 2015 redistributable (only with Windows).

We recommend attendees to make the following steps in advance:  https://github.com/antonmry/kafka-streams-workshop#in-advance-steps


Introduction to Kafka
Exercise 0: KStreams
Exercise 1: topology
Exercise 2: branch
Exercise 3: state store
Exercise 4: joins (extra)
Exercise 5: KTables (extra)

Everything you need to know about Kafka Streams

Date and time:

Wednesday 14th

From 15:00 to 17:00


Kafka, Kafka Streams, KSQL, State Stores, Java, Scala, Event sourcing

Target audience roles:

The workshop is designed for Java, Scala, Groovy, Kotlin developers or data engineer who would like to learn more about Kafka streams and how to use it to add new real-time capabilities to microservices or build modern data pipelines.




Coffee and Tea


14th Oct
Polo de Contenidos Digitales Málaga
Av de Sor Teresa Prat, 15, 29003 Málaga
15th-16th Oct
FYCMA - Palacio de Ferias y Congresos de Málaga
Av. de José Ortega y Gasset, 201, 29006 Málaga
14TH - 16TH OCT 2020

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